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Author, S. S. Bazinet

Stories! I have always loved them. As a writer, I'm passionate about creating new ones and sharing them with my readers. It's great fun to finish a story and send it out into the world. Recently, I completed the second book in my SENTENCED TO HEAVEN series. It's called A VAMPIRE IN HEAVEN. Like all of my books, it was a joy to write, and I fell in love with the characters, including a dog named Nippy and cat name Felix. I think that you'll love them too. To purchase any of my books, visit my author's page on Amazon!



An Inmate's Tale from the Other Side

In book one, An Inmate's Tale from the Other Side, we're introduced to Alan. He's a freedom loving soul who's been banned from every world and solar system in the cosmos. After being thrown out of hell, there's only one place that will take him in, heaven. When he's told he's going to be there forever, he doesn't go willingly. As his anger and desperation fuel his desire to escape, he encounters more than he bargained for. On Amazon

S. S. Bazinet's book, An Inmate’s Tale from the Other Side

A Vampire In Heaven
Book Two

In book two, A Vampire In Heaven, Alan's misadventures in heaven continue. No one understands how he's managed it, but his heavenly body has changed. He has actual blood coursing through his heavenly vessel, and he's become addicted to the stuff. When he's labeled a vampire, everyone becomes concerned that his condition could spread. As a result, heaven is placed under quarantine. Its pearly gates are closed until the mystery is solved. On Amazon

S. S. Bazinet's newest book, A VAMPIRE IN HEAVEN