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The Vampire Reclamation Project

Book One: Michael's Blood

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"It is a wonderful blend of the human and spirit realms with incredibly well developed characters and the perfect touch of humor." Amazon Review

Can a vampire be saved? In the first book in the series, Michael, an incarnate angel, comes to the aid of a vampire named Arel. He shares his own blood in an effort to purge Arel of his dark curse. But the angelic gift proves to be more than Arel bargains for. A new and powerful force surges through him, trying to clear not only the curse, but also the long buried horrors from his past.

As Michael continues to guide him through the searing flames of purification, Arel hovers between life and death. But the angel isn't his only ally. By chance, he meets a woman. Carol draws him out of his dark, isolated world and into a new one. It includes a small group of her friends who become obsessed with helping him. Will their efforts succeed?
Watch the book trailer! Watch the book trailer!! Listen to the first chapter! Listen to the first chapter!

In The Care Of Wolves
Book One: My Brother's Keeper

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"You will be scooped up by the scruff and carried along with this pack on a non stop thrill ride." JA Stojak

Kidnapped at birth, sixteen-year-old Theodore doesn't realize that he might be a secret weapon. Is he programmed to destroy his real family, a group of werewolves who are being hunted to extinction? When hes reunited with them, he learns the meaning of loyalty and devotion to family. But in the end, will he unwittingly betray them?
Watch the book trailer!   Watch the book trailer!!

Vampires Suck But You Don't Have To
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  • Who are the vampires?
  • How did we/they become so needy?
  • What are the most common feeding methods?
  • How can I learn not to be a sucker or suckee?
We live in a needy-feedy world! Yet, were so conditioned to accept the neediness in ourselves and others, we dont notice it. But its there. Its always there. So are the vampires. So is the craving in each of us.

Now it's time to reclaim ourselves. It's time to wake up every morning with a smile. It's time for life to be fun again! Vampires Suck But You Don't Have To will show you how!

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Hurly Burly the Squirrel Next Door
I am delighted to introduce one of my favorite scamps, a squirrel named Hurley Burly. He has the lead in my new children's book called, Hurly Burly, the Squirrel Next Door. Hurly is adorable, but what kind of house guest would he make? You'll find out in this humorous book for children of all ages.
A special thank you goes to the illustrator, Laura Christine Tiralla.

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